Practo Marketing Strategy : What is revenue & business model of Practo?

Marketing is a small word with an ocean-depth utility. People prioritize marketing as oxygen in human lives. It can be said that marketing is more like the pillar upon which a business stands firmly with all its glory and success. It helps to form a business, also determines the standard or scale of the particular organization. It is the marketing strategies that make a company different from the other in the same field. Marketing mostly concentrates on what the customer wants and how the brand will reach to the targeted customers who might be interested in the services they are offering.

The more unique your marketing strategy is the more unique your services will become. The leading healthcare brand Practo thus has come up with a distinct marketing strategy breaking all the conventional norms in the health industry of India. Let us now learn more about Practo and its strategies.

Know more about Practo – “Your home for health”:

As the name suggests “Your home for health” – Practo is indeed one of the most leading healthcare centers in India. Practo has brought every solution related to your health under one shade – starting from doctor appointment booking, clinical and hospital services, medicine sales, keeping health records to other lifestyle and health management.

It can be said that Practo is the private portal that is used by both the doctors and the patients. It allows the patients to access hassle-free health services all around the country along with access to all the reports and records.  According to Alexa ranking, by 2016 the brand Practo has secured a place in a ranking of 453. It has become more like a one-stop shop for health-related services and hospitality.

Importance of marketing strategy for any business:

Marketing strategies are like the weapons that can bring the dream success for your business. Let us now learn why developing a unique marketing strategy is important for every business.

  • Influence on investment At the initial stage of a business, a good marketing plan helps to gain the attention of the investors. A business proposal without a proper marketing plan is useless.
  • Strong customer relation – Developing a strong relationship with the customers always help the company to grow more. Any relationship is built on trust and understanding – your brand marketing strategies are like the face of your brand which attracts the customers and makes them stay longer by building their trusts.
  • Earning Reputation – Also marketing strategies help to spread the reputation of a particular brand globally. The life-span of a company is depended on the reputation of a company, so by building a smart marketing strategy, you can successfully make your brand stand unique in this competitive market.
  • Standard fixing – For every business, it is necessary to determine the targeted customers or clients, Marketing strategy determines the targeted customers or clients. For example – Hotel and Hospital both belongs to service and hospitality industry and both are selling comfort to human lives however for Hotel business, Luxury is the first priority and for a Hospital, better treatment is the first priority.
  • Influence in sales – The sales department of a business would be blind without a proper selling strategy determined by the marketing division. Marketing sets the selling strategies like Offers and discounts, Selling Policies, Membership planning to attract the expected customers or clients in the open
  • Consistency in growth Each and every day the level of competition is going higher. A business could be insolvent if it does not change its’ marketing strategies according to the market demand, in order to hold a good and consistent reputation in the market, a strong and flexible marketing division is essential.

Marketing strategies that Practo follow:

As already mentioned, Practo is a neutral medical website which includes nearly 100,000 leading doctor’s profiles from all around India. Not only the online website but you can also get their services from Practo mobile application. However, the unique marketing strategies of Practo group have made this brand win the glorious reputation within a short time all over the country. Let us now have a quick look at the various marketing plans that Practo follows to make it unique:

  • Products of Practo: Practo offers solutions by connecting the patients to the leading verified doctors all across the country to get proper medical advice online, order medicines; get access to all the medical reports and records along with various medical articles to educate themselves and their families. In fact, Practo comes up with the unique idea of cloud services that stores all the medical data of the patients, doctors and the hospitals that are connected with this online health care. Among the different products that Practo offers – Practo Profile, Practo Health Feed, Practo Consult, Practice Management Software Ray, Practo Reach, Hospital management software Insta, Patient relationship management system Qikwell and Business intelligence and predictive analytics software Querent – deserve a mention. These are the product strategy that Practo follows.
  • Promotion of Practo: Nowadays, social media portals like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube are the best places where you can easily promote your brand and reach a larger amount of audience. The brand Practo also follows the same strategy to promote their business ideas and services. They even promote themselves through TV advertisements apart from social media promotions.
  • Place of Practo: Practo can be accessed from any corner of the country – all you need is just the internet connection. Starting its glorious journey from Bangalore it has spread its wings to seven other cities of India and five other countries all around the world. Even it has access to nearly ten thousand hospitals, eight thousand diagnostic centers and nearly two lakh doctors are connected with this unique online portal with their super effective healing touch.
  • Price of Practo: It has been reported that Practo, the unique health care center, is ranked at the second position in terms of the largest healthcare segment worldwide with a value of as a 525 million dollar company. It offers the most hassle-free way to book an appointment because it is free and no fees are charged by the doctors or the patients.
  • Employment of Practo: It has nearly 1350 employees who look after various services offered by the company starting from engineering, business development, marketing, sales, operations, and others. The 24*7 customer support services of Practo allows the customers to satisfy their queries related to the products offered, services, booking, and others.


Everywhere the age-old concepts are changing by the blessing of modern technology and marketing plans. Practo, the independent online healthcare portal has also changed the concept of clinical check-ups and booking appointments. It is now easier and hazards free to book a diagnostic test appointment or get a quick advice from verified doctors sitting back at home just by tapping your mobile or by the click of the mouse.

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