Multiple Personality Disorder : Does multiple personality disorder exist?

What happens to Multiple Personality Disorder?

In multivariate disorder, the individual feels two different types of or more individuals in one moment at a time. Multiple personality disorder, which is also a type of mental disorder, is also known as disconnectional identity disorder.

In this type of mental disorder, one person behaves like different types of people at the same time. This problem develops when the control of the person is lost on thoughts, thoughts and memories.

Due to Multiple Personality Disorder

The reasons for this type of mental disorder are known to any physical or sexual abuse in the childhood. Because of which the fear of never forgetting the person falls well.

And its direct effect occurs in the mind of the person. Apart from this, post-trammatic stress is also the cause of such mental disorder. In which a person starts to feel very bad nightmares, flashbacks and very scary things.

Symptoms of  Multiple Personality Disorder

Feel two or more personalities in themselves to the same person. Think about someone else’s personality and talk like that.

  1. Remember to remember the old memories of your life and join those memories with the present time.2
  2. Mood swings suddenly
  3. Restlessness
  4. Desire to commit suicide.
  5. Addictive 
  6. Staying in depression most of the time.
  7. The person gets very much trouble doing his daily activities.
    In this mental disorder the person also bites his skin.
  8. Multivariate Disorder Check
  9. Identifying this type of mental disorder is very difficult to recognize, because of the symptoms of this type of mental disorder, they are more similar to many types of mental disorders. And for this reason it becomes very difficult to recognize it well. Therefore it takes too much time to catch and check this mental disorder.

Treatment of Multifunctional Disorder

In this type of mental disorder, the person is tried to forget the other personality well and to separate the attention of that person. Cognitive and creative therapy is also used in its treatment. Apart from all this, the help of drugs is also taken to correct the person passing through this problem.

Treatment of polycystic ovarian disorder is the beginning of medical therapy. For the treatment of this, play therapy, talk therapy, hepatcher therapy is used. Most psychiatrists do not give any medicine for the treatment of this mental disorder. In the course of treatment, this effort is made, that the person should not see his true life by connecting with his shock.

Therapy is a prolonged process, it takes too much time during treatment. Its main symptoms are mood stabilizer used to correct the ups and downs in the mood. Before using the mood stabilizer, the person’s age, weight, demographic profile, family history, effects of medicines and metabolic are seen. Then go to the treatment of this mental disorder.