What are the most effective ways to ensure you achieve your goals?

What are the most effective ways to ensure you achieve your goals?

Achieving your goal is the goal of everyone’s life but when we think about how to achieve it, we find ourselves in a great trouble. So, here we have top 10 effective ways by following you can achieve your goals but it also depends on what your goal is.

1- know your skills-

First and foremost thing in life you should and need to know what are your skill set and in which field you can use those skills efficiently. Knowing your skills you can make your goals crisp and it will be worth putting all efforts because you would be knowing that you have all those skills  and you are putting your efforts in the right direction.

2- Explore-

When it comes to knowing and setting your goal as we have already read that knowing your skill set is most important and to know your skill set you need to explore. Exploring means explore things that you wanted to do, be it your hobbies, anything you thought of doing or wanted to do. Never let yourself stop from doing things you wanted to do. People do the jobs that they don’t want and then they end of putting lots of efforts in the wrong direction that leads to no conclusion. So, always explore new opportunities and possibilities you don’t know what is coming your way is best for you. But restrict yourself for exploring also you can’t give your whole life for exploring, set a targeted age and till then find your way for reaching the top of the clouds.

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3- Find out what suits you-

When you explore you will definitely know yourself and in this process you will find your goal and when you will find your goal that suits your caliber you will definitely achieve it. when you have explored all the options that were in your mind in a restricted time and then figured out your best skills that career when you will choose that will be your suited career and then put all your efforts.

4- Aim high-

Whenever you are setting a goal you should aim high. As when on the day we are setting the goal we are highly motivated but after a few days when we face obstacles we find that we are losing our motivation and then we don’t reach the goal we always aimed at and this demotivation is natural so to reach your desired goal we need to aim high, keep your mind open while deciding your goal as open mind will know what you want and what you can aim for so that you will get what you wanted.

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5- Planning –

Learn always planning is a key element for all your success. For example, if you want to organise any party you need to hi hi plan venue, people you need to call, arrangements or other things.What you did? you did planning and without planning you won’t be able to organise even a small event so do you think you would be able to reach your goal?? When you are in the process of setting your goal you need to do the proper planning, suppose you want to be a teacher so you need to know what you need to study, what all exams are their what you can do to improve your skills. Planning is the most important or we can say crucial step for achieving your goal.

6- Make a solid decision-

Once you have followed all the above steps and you have decided to what is your goal and you did all your planning now you need to be solid on your decision as this decision will make or break your life in the future.Just be sure for your decision and try to make a solid decision and be on it. No matter what all hadels you need to face just be on it. Remember achieving anything in life is not an easy task we always face ups and downs and then after lots and lots of efforts we reach on that planned goal and till then we may make a new goal.

7-Don’t listen to others-

In the process of reaching your goal and there are always ups and downs. When you are in your ups you will find people who don’t even know you will come and will appreciate you. But as you will do in your downs you will only find people who will through more demotivating words on you and people who were appreciating you earlier will also leave you and that is the most important time when you need to believe in yourself and you don’t need to listen to anyone.

8- Choose wisely-

Even if you are starting with your goal always know your worth, make sure no one should take advantage of being a fresher in any of the field. When you will start your career you will find many people who will give you opportunities but not according to your worth because they will think of taking advantage of yours being a fresher but if you believe in your worth then there would be someone who will also know your real worth so choose a wise start.

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9- Hard Work-

Once you got the opportunity according to your worth, work hard and start putting all your efforts.  Hard work is the key to everyone’s success and this statement is not expressible because who do the hard work knows it worth. 

10- Never give up-

Remember your efforts will never get wasted and even if you think no one is appreciating don’t worry because with time people will know your efforts. Patience and hardwork will fetch you your way towards a successful goal. But Don’t be too possessive sometimes we create unrealistic goals and it’s okay in the end your happiness matters.

Always remember the best view comes after the hardest climb and it’s your life you only can only make it or break it.

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Bimal Kathuria