What is Kidney Stone Removal Cost in India

Kidney Stone Removal

A hard mass is developed from crystals and separated by the urinary tract, this gradually becomes a
stone like structure in kidney, this is called a kidney stone. If the pain gets worse, you should
immediately consult the best urologist nearby. The term used for kidney stone removal is known as
“Lithotripsy”. The doctors trained in diagnosing kidney disorders issues are called urologists. Not every
time your body requires the stone removal, in some cases stones get dissolved by taking simple
medication process only. A term known as percutaneous nephrolithotomy is used for surgical methods in Kidney stone removal.This procedure is used only in case of large kidney stones.

Kidney Stone Removal cost in India

Kidney Stone Removal cost in India is done by two methods.Given below are the two types ,Have a
look. Holmium laser, kidney stone removal cost ranges between 50 to 80K and by general process range
is between 15 to 35K. Extra expenses in heart valve treatment are higher in range due to the tests

Possible problems after Kidney stone Removal.

● Overlap of arteries and large veins.
● Heart failure provoked by incorrect dose of anesthetics.
● Thrombosis of large vessels.
● Respiratory insufficiency, provoked by anesthesia.
● Intestinal obstruction.
● Issues in blood supply to the brain.

Best diet after Kidney stone removal

Diet plays a major role in the fast recovery from the operation.Given below is the list of few best diet food you can
add in your daily routine. Have a look.

● Light vegetable salad without salt, bread with butter and a glass of juice.
● Omelet, Porridge and herbal tea.
● Vegetable soup with fruits.
● Porridge and Chicken.
● Herbal tea and biscuits.

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