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Is Radio Still An Effective Method For Advertising?

Is Radio Still An Effective Method For Advertising?

Hello dear listeners, you are tuned in to one of the best radio stations that 98.9 FM. And today we will be talking about something really interesting! But in order to add more fervor to this session with me, that is RJ Digital Marketer, you have to actively participate and let me know your views. So are you ready to catch up with me? Are you ready with your mobile phones to give a call to me? Alright, so let us begin today’s session!

Gooood morning Delhites! Sounds so similar, right? These three magical words are like music to our ears! We always think that with the growing technology, people have turned away from radio as they find easy access to YouTube and other internet channels. But yes, they do miss onto this evergreen morning wish which just simply fills you with energy and happiness and make you all set for the day. Don’t you think so? So today, we will be having a discussion on ‘whether radio is still an effective method for advertising’?  So call us and tell us your views! We are waiting!

Oh, so we already have our first caller here! So our first caller says that radio is and has always been an apple of everyone’s eye. Not just the old people but the youngsters too listen to the radio. That excitement that which song will come up next, the optimistic ideas and approach of our RJs to life, is something that compels us to come back to radio again and again. And so, radio is extremely helpful in marketing as it helps in targeting a specific audience which might not be so immersed in technology and social media. She says, she agrees to the fact that almost the entire world resides on social media but then there is still a large section of population which depends on radio for all their information. So radio is not outdated! Thank you ma’am for calling us and giving us your view!

We really appreciate this response. We have another caller here! She believes that advertising through radio is far less expensive than what you have to shed out from your pocket in order to advertise your products through television or print media. It is not quite economically viable for all companies to burn a hole in their pockets by becoming a spend thrift and spend all the money on advertising through television. It’s a bad idea. So why not switch to radio?

I surely agree with you ma’am. Radio is far more effective and cheaper than television and print media. So, we have another caller knocking at our door! Let’s see what she has to say.

So our next caller says that the usage of different platforms for promotion and advertisements of goods like social media websites or televisions etc is quite limited. Thinking how? Well, she has the answer to this one as well. Whenever we hop into our cars and turn on the ignition button, the first thing that we do is turn on the radio. This is surely because car rides aren’t any fun without the radio’s music chanting in our ears. And you know what? We tend to listen to radio and that too with full concentration, especially on the traffic lights, don’t we? So, the listener’s attention can be attracted at that very moment. While on the flip side of the coin, we generally tend to flip through channels whenever there is an ad break, right? This is because no one is actually interested in those ads. So the radio has an upper edge here too!

Well, I would like to add something here. Whenever you hear RJs on a radio, you tend to immerse yourself completely into what we are speaking, right? We try to paint a picture with our words. We take you into a world, that is unknown to you but it is hell lot beautiful! This is the power of words, the power of language. And if we are able to paint a picture of any company’s product in the minds of our listeners in an effective manner, then I’m sure it will surely lead to a surge in the sale of their products! This process can actually tap into the subconscious of the people and make them conscious of your brand! So watch out!

Thank you listeners for your wonderful responses! That was indeed a pleasure! So here’s a tip for all the firms out there: if you feel that radio is not as strong a medium for advertising as compared to the internet or print media or television, then let me tell you that even mobile phones today have radio in them. And you know that we are prisoners of our own ‘cell’ phones, so do I need to say anything more?

So if you wish to advertise in a cost effective manner, if you wish to reach out to the entire country and diverse population, if you wish to tickle the imagination of a large audience through our words, then don’t give it a second thought and share with us how you would want to promote your product. And we vow to take your product sales up and up. So are you ready to set yourselves on the crest of a wave? Are you ready to bask in the glory of success? Well then, contact 98.9 FM (Digital Marketing Deal team) and witness how your business flourishes!

Alright dear listeners, it is time for me to say ‘good bye’ to you all. It was great talking to all of you. I do hope that even you all had a great time with me, dear listeners! So, don’t frown and don’t feel down as we will be back tomorrow at the same time and at the same place. Till then, stay tuned to 98.9 FM. And yes, do listen to this beautiful song that is coming up next for you all! Have a great day!



Bhanu Garg

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