How to Build Customer Trust with EV SSL Certificate

How to Build Customer Trust with EV SSL Certificate

The rise in online businesses has tempted the growth of cybercrime. These crimes can be in the form of a man in the middle attacks, phishing or authentication related attacks and pose a threat to any and every piece of information being transmitted in the world network between various online businesses and e-commerce websites.

Considering the volume of data being handled by these online systems it is critical to ensure its security and establish a trust equation with your customers. While face to face talks and assurances are an old and traditional method to gain trust in offline businesses, online businesses demand result oriented promises and data security is a top priority for all customers. Once a foundation of trust is laid based on information safety, the rest is a cakewalk.

Customers are the most important asset for any business, as they have the power to either make or break a business. There is no purpose of business without customers. Any industry or business is built on the foundation of certain pillars. Customer trust is one of these key pillars. Building a trustworthy relationship with one’s customers is the first step towards growing a business. A customer who has faith in you will surely agree to invest in your business. Be it an e-commerce store or any other online business, trust goes a long way in establishing a working relationship with the customers. A trustworthy relationship helps get new customers and helps in retaining old customers.

The best way to do this is by guaranteeing that the information that a customer provides on the website is safe. A trustworthy website which is dependable and handles customer information carefully leaves a long-lasting impression and gives rise to positive word of mouth which helps reel in more new customers. Getting a suitable and trustworthy certification is necessary in today’s world. 

In this way, SSL certifications ensure the security of information while it is being transmitted between the client and the server. It safeguards the sensitive information being sent including customer credentials, transactional details, personal information, and other critical information. The data sent through an SSL certified website is encrypted and hence safe from cybercriminals who can launch multiple attacks to steal the data and misuse it. These potential attacks not only results in a data breach, loss of information and credibility but also destroys the trust of the customer and hampers the image of the website. Authentication of the website is broadly of three kinds, Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV).

EV SSL Is A Solution:

For any e-store merchant who wishes to own a website which has a proven assurance of identity, along with a high level of encryption teamed with prominent trust visibility for its clients or customers, there are multiple choices of SSL certificate and Comodo EV SSL Certificate is the one of the best choice to cover all the criteria as mentioned above. Attackers and cybercriminals are on a constant lookout for some vulnerabilities or loopholes to launch attacks against websites of such companies. 

The most frequently victimized sites are of banks, e-stores, famous brands and any other institutions dealing with business or finance. EV SSL is best suited for platforms that deal with payments and customer transactional data. Websites that take data inputs for logins processing or those that deal with information related to finances for example customers’ credit card credentials should also invest in an EV SSL Certificate at the earliest to prevent any breach of data and trust. Comodo EV SSL certificates are adequately suitable for providing authentication to the website owners and the customers. 

Protection Against Fake Site:

EV SSL certificates use Extended validation which requires that a company or organization should undergo extensive business vetting and ownership approvals through a complex and multistage process to ensure the authenticity of ownership. It ensures that no fraudulent website can ever claim to be genuine and hence prevents customers from getting fooled into providing their personal information and credentials to a fake website. The examination and screening and validation procedures followed are trustworthy and ensure that no fraud websites are successful in posing as genuine websites. EV SSL protects you against phishing scams as visitors can easily identify the real and gimmick website.

Get Customers’ Trust with EV SSL certificate:

An Extended Validation SSL certificate is the best option to provide high trust levels to the customer. Comodo EV SSL certificate is easier to spot than other options. This is because once an EV SSL Certificate is given to a website it is indicated clearly by a green bar. This green bar gives customers easy, visual assurance without any delay that their data is safe. It acts as a green signal and this authentication and trust enable the customer to engage in deals with the online store without any trust issues. The green bar also displays the company name and other details so that the client or customer can easily recognize an authentic and genuine site from a fake and fraudulent one.

Browsers Trust EV SSL:

Most of the browsers recognize EV SSL certificates which provides one of the highest certificates for trust assurance in the market today. The amount of confidence and trust that the customer has on the company and website is directly proportional to the website traffic and footfall which positively impacts the sales and hence increases business.

A free SSL certificate managing tool is provided to handle all certificate related issues. A PCI scanning service is also provided for free. A free scan for website vulnerability is also given to the customer.

SSL verified and certified websites are given preference by the google search engine as well. Search engine optimization that Google uses to sort the websites on its search page ranks websites that are SSL certified higher than websites

An EV SSL certificate is based on certain elements: the padlock, green bar and company’s name. The multiple features and tools provided help build trust as customers can clearly see the dedication and efforts that are put in by website to ensure that their data is safe and secure. EV SSL Validation is a standard for trust. It strengthens security and prevents data from various attacks that may be launched while data is on the move. It bridges the gap between the company and the customer through trust and confidence and hence helps establish a relationship.



Bhanu Garg