How did Mukesh Ambani Leave behind his brother Anil Ambani in property, while the share of property was similar?

When Mukesh and Anil Ambani were separated 12 years ago, they had a similar asset. Today Mukesh has 12 times more assets than Anil Ambani.  The two sons of Dhirubhai Ambani have a difference of just two years, but their thinking is exactly the opposite of each other. The difference in the latest list of the Indian rich released by Forbes is 44. While Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in the list, Anil is on the 45th rank. Twelve years ago when the two brothers started their business, it was said that the future was in Anil’s hands. Although at that time nobody had doubts on Mukesh Ambani’s business sense and style. In the last 12 years, the world of business has changed a lot and the distance between the two brothers standing almost equally has increased by 12 times.

1- Where did the two travels from?

Anil Ambani had joined his father’s company in 1983 as a Chief Executive Officer. For the first time, Anil made public access to the company’s international market through deposits, securities and bonds, and due to this, before the start of liberalization, Reliance’s foreign finance market had reached Rs 120 billion in 1991. Mukesh Ambani started his career in Reliance in 1981. Then they entered the textile business. With more than 60 new world-class manufacturing units, he has increased the capacity of Reliance Manufacturing from 10 million tonnes per annum to 1.2 million tonnes per year.

2- What happened after the separation of both in the business world?

In 2005, Mukesh and Anil’s business routes were separated. Then Mukesh and Anil Ambani had almost the same property. The shares of the Ambani family were less than the Mukesh companies because of Anil’s company. So Anil was given a huge amount of cash. While Mukesh had basic business like construction, oil refinery and textile, Anil’s stake was on future business like Telecom, Energy and Entertainment. That is, Anil had land and large cash of future business. The difference between the two has increased significantly after 12 years. Meanwhile, Mukesh made the formula for profit in his core business. At the same time, Anil invested money in many areas.

3- What is the difference between the two brothers?

Mukesh is introverted and feels uncomfortable in more harmony with the people of the outer world. Anil attracts glamor right there. The business for Mukesh is the whole world in its own right, then Anil’s business to fulfill his thinking. Unlike Mukesh, Anil is very cautious about his fitness. Anil’s friends’ list includes celebrities from Bollywood, politics, to the cricket world. He has also gone to the Rajya Sabha once. Anil does not even hide his relationship. At the same time, Mukesh is not directly related to any political party and his friendship is business profit-loss priority. Mukesh is conscious about his involvement in public life.