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Best Affiliate Programs in India List March 2023 Updated

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Best Affiliate Programs in India List March 2023 Updated

Best Affiliate Programs in India. Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly, A large number of people want to make money from affiliate marketing. If you are thinking to start affiliate marketing,

So, should see every affiliate marketing programs so that you can get more and more commission, it is a one of the best source of earning money online, with the affiliate marketing you can popularize other’s offer and earn a great commission. Through Affiliate marketing company will offer you the Commission on the basis of per sale, where you fixed amount or percentage every time you send traffic to the advertiser site, and they buy something.

You can popularize Cost per Action offers that pay when a visitor does some action like free registration, sign up, etc. and affiliate earns fix amount.

The scope of Affiliate Marketing in India is also spreading their wings, The Indian Market is learning this phase from International Marketing. Many of the Indian Companies have affiliate marketing programs in their core part. If we talk about online shopping Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, infibeam, yepme and many others having such program such as other industry like, Matrimonial (shaddi, Jeevansaathi, Vivahbandhan), Tour and Travel (MakeMyTrip, TripAdvisor, Yatra), Job Portal like (Monster, Indeed, CarrierBuile) have such affiliate program in India.

Many visitors asked us about some great affiliate networks in India, for those who are looking for affiliate network in India, we are presenting top 20 Affiliate Marketing Companies in India.

Best Affiliate Programs in India

#1. Company: Flipkart Affiliate Program

The Flipkart affiliate marketing is one of the great way for you to earn commissions from Flipkart by placing product banners or links on your website to refer users to the Flipkart. You can earn approx. to 15% every time a user clicks on the banner/link and makes a purchase on Flipkart side. With a lot of affiliate tools for promoting Flipkart products. There is no cost of joining or being part of the programs. It has a ready-made set of product links, banners, and widgets which you plug within your site.

Company will offer many types of reports, which display earnings, Payments, Order and Traffic.

  • Earnings Reports
  • Payments Reports
  • Orders Reports
  • Traffic Report

You can Join Flipkart Affiliate Program here

#2. Company: DomainRacer Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Everyone knows the web hosting affiliate program is a great source of income. DomainRacer is the top web hosting affiliate marketing program in the year 2021. DomainRacer is the best web hosting provider company. You can easily earn more money with the DomainRacer Best hosting affiliate program, they have high conversion rate than others. You can earn up to 70% commission on the sale.

DomainRacer offers budget-friendly web hosting plans with high-quality services. [24/7/365] Customer support of DomainRacer is world-class. With web hosting plans they offer all web hosting and domain security approaches.

Join DomainRacer’s best web hosting affiliate program is a very user-friendly process and also their support system team always ready to solve your queries quickly. After creating an account you are ready to use this program. DomainRacer has a simple process JOIN, PROMOTE AND MAKE MORE INCOME.

If you want to generate more revenue then DomainRacer is the best option in 2021. You get an extra bonus on each sale, they have simple slab-based commissions of up to 70% on lead. This is the factor that makes it very special to DomainRacer

Earning structure with DomainRacer Affiliate Program:

  • 1-10 sales – up to 30%
  • 11–20 sales – up to 40% commission.
  • 21–50 sales – up to 50% commission.
  • 51+ sales – up to 70% commission.

DomainRacer’s web hosting affiliate program is profitable. Following is the image shows that how DomainRacer is the top web hosting affiliate provider with a high conversion rate (13.11%).

The key point of the DomainRacer web hosting affiliate program –

  • Receive Commission Up to 70% per Sale.
  • $2500+ Credit Bonus based on Sales.
  • (13.11%)Highest Conversion Rate.
  • 3700+ Affiliate Marketers Join.
  • Get free quality support from the customer service team.

With DomainRacer you get more security because they don’t accept any illegal activity, not allow mischievous advertising like coupons, discount codes. If they find any illegal/wrong activity they have the right to terminate that account.

DomainRacer always concentrates on 100% user satisfaction, they never upset their clients.


#3. Company: Commission

Commission is one of the top affiliate marketing company having big e-commerce brands like eBay, Myntra, Snapdeal, HomeShop18 and many more. You can earn a high commission through Commission Affiliated Programs. The company have an experience of 7 years and have completed more than 700 successful campaigns. It is one of the top Indian brands having a growing network of 17,500 affiliates.

They have many big brands as a clients like Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, Myntra, HDFC Bank, Airtel, Snapdeal, Make My trip, Jabong, Homeshop18 etc.

For signup, you can click here


#4. Company: Bigrock

Bigrock have an experience of 10 years and one of top domain and hosting seller in. They include an affiliated program with having high commission rate. Most advantage of this program is its portfolio of products which add on top of each other. For example, you can sell any of these Bigrock products/services –Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Email Hosting, and many others. The other advantage of high commission is a client who bought a domain using your affiliate link might also want to purchase a web and email hosting. You can sell a bundle of these services to the same reader and can earn more and more commissions.

To be a part of big rock you can click here


#5. Company: GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the world’s leading domain name registrar has a great India specific affiliate program. No cost of fee in joining. You can be a part of the Program just click here. When someone thing for domain and hosting, GoDaddy is first name which comes in the mind of the consumer. It also have high commissions on domains, hosting plans, email accounts, and reseller plans. One of the best part of GoDaddy is its award-winning customer support which is available 24/7.


#6. Company: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, one of the best tour and travel website where people can compare the price of Hotels and Rooms and book their journey and accommodation in cost effective manners.  Travel Affiliate Programs enables you to earn 50% of the commission. Here are the points you can expect from TripAdvisor.

  • Up to earn 50% Commission
  • Having a great Incentive programs
  • Deep linking to over 500,000 city and hotel pages
  • Partner with a brand people trust
  • Continuous addition of products and promotions on the website
  • Access to a dedicated and experienced team

They are the partner of Commission Junction. If you have an account on CJ then you can easily signup. For signup, you can click here


#7. Company: HostGator

HostGator is also one of the best and popular hosting service provider. HostGator has its own office and servers to cater to the Indian audience. They have an affiliate program with a good commission pay out of 3000 per referral. The commission will increase as you sell more and more. HostGator is trusted company which will a lot to convert your users into buyers. You can mail them on Also, you can sign up for joining the Program here.


#8. Company:, established in the year 1996 and it consistently grown its revenues by 200% every year. It is the world’s largest matrimonial service provider. You can earn a maximum of 75% Revenue Share PLUS with an additional of 25% bonus opportunity for a total of up to 100% commission you can earn through the

Here are the Benefits Points

  • Consistent Profits – You can earn upto USD 12,500** per month!
  • Easy Payouts – having Multiple, convenient options
  • Real Time Reports – Clicks, sales, earnings
  • Multiple Banner Ads – Served automatically
  • Brand Image – Associate with a successful brand
  • Support – Dedicated response team
  • Joining – It is Free and easy.

For Joining the Program, click here.


#9. Company: Optimise

It is global Advertising Network with having a great brand in its portfolio like eBay, HSBC, Tesco, Airtel, Amazon, Toyota, Citibank, Jabong etc. They have an experience of 15years and having more than 1400 Advertiser in all major verticals across 30 countries.

For join you can click here


#10. Company: Cluelinks

Cuelinks is one of the India’s top Content Monetization tool for coupon sites, bloggers, deal site owners, forum owners or any publishers or in fact, any websites which sends outbound traffic to online shopping, finance, travel, or matrimony websites. Cuelinks has about more than 400+ advertisers with thousands of offers and products. So, the chance of getting commission is high. To join the company as an affiliate marketer you can click here.


#11. Company:  ShopClues Affiliate Programs

ShopClues is another popular Indian online marketplace, ShopClues have a merchant base of over 3.5 lakhs with more than 8.5 million products on in their site. Products with having more discounted prices are the USP of the ShopClues. The commission of ShopClues affiliate program is about 5-7% per sale for Footwear, Fashion, Sports & Health, Travel & Luggage, Automotive, Home & Kitchen. If you wish to check commission rate on every Product here.


#12. Company: Komli

Komli is having the 500 advertisers in their portfolio across 4,000 campaigns and has more than 7+ years of experience to help them. They deals with a wide range of conversion metrics that you can choose to maximize your revenue CPT, CPC, CPL, CPA, and CPV. The commission plan is very much high and have many of the clients in their portfolio.


#13. Company: Vertoz

Vertoz is an advertiser company and publishers’ first choice for the monetization solutions. You can get best revenue from Vertoz’s monetization option. You can easily monitor your ad impressions & earning on a real-time basis with our effective reporting system.

You can be a part of getting advantage click here


#14. Company: Infibeam

Infibeam is another world’s preferable e-commerce company, where a reader can earn 1-10% of the commissions. They have wide range of product portfolio. Below is the percentage of the Products.

Referral Payouts*

Categories                                                                             Payouts

EBooks                                                                                  10%

Books and Media                                                                 5%

Lifestyle                                                                                5%

Apparel                                                                                  5%

Electronics                                                                            1%

Mobiles                                                                                  1%

Laptops                                                                                  1%

Gold / Silver Coins                                                              1%

Gift Vouchers                                                                       1%

Click here to join.


#15. Company: Yatra

Yatra is another portal of booking flight’s ticket, Hotels, Buses and Trains. Being a big Competitor of Make My Trip and TripAdvisor, they also have affiliates programs. They offer,

  • Best Competitive commissions that are paid upon booking
  • 30 days of the cookie duration
  • Online reporting and tracking
  • Easy implementation that allows you to start earning commissions within a few minutes of acceptance.

For joining Click as well as you can email them with ID


#16. Company: iforex

Through their Introducing Broker (IB) program, you can earn benefit from referring clients to iFOREX. Their IB program presents tailored solutions for your business, ensuring a service that meets your specific needs and expectations.

Benefits of Their Program:

  • Take an advantage of first-class brokerage services
  • Their referrers are awarded with a high commission based on the trading of their referred clients
  • Through back office statistics and support to confirm accurate reporting
  • Expansion of your business by offering clients online trading.
  • Customize the program to suit your unique requirements

For more about iFOREX IB Program, please contact the department at


#17. Company: Quick Heal Technologies

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. is India’s leading IT security Solutions Company. Every product is designed to simplify IT security Management. They have an experience of 20 years and they also have affiliates program where you can earn high amount of commission. For being a partner is these Programs Click here


#18. Company:

Apple is well known brand with having a wide range of product from Apple iPod to Laptop. They offer many of the tools to make affiliate marketing more easy, tools include Link Maker, RSS Feed Generator, Widget Builder, their Identity Guidelines and more. You can get a good commission from apple as well.

For being a part of affiliate marketers of Apple, you can click here to join.


#19. Company: ShareAsale

ShareASale is a leading provider of performance marketing solutions for last 16 years. ShareAsale is an e-commerce of type of business. You can get a good commission from the site. Many of the peoples is getting a lakhs of commission. You can join by single click and you have to pass through 5 Process. They hosts 3,900+ Affiliate Programs spanning 40 different categories.


#20. Institute Name: ResellerClub

ResellerClub is India’s one of the best reseller hosting company. Their Affiliate Program show one is the easiest way for to earn big commissions by selling the product portfolio of the ResellerClub. As a ResellerClub affiliate, you can have also sales report for tracking your sales. With ResellerClub, You can easily earn from 2000-8000 commission money.

The tracking cookie is rewarded is valid for 60 days. Once you sign up, your affiliate panel’s dashboard gives you all details regarding Sales, Commissions and more at a glance. For more detailed information, you can use the reports features, which is also available.

For joining, you can sign up at

#21. Company: Amazon Affiliate Programs

Amazon India is the leader in Indian e-commerce. Having high website conversion rates, commission rates, and Average Order Value. Amazon is best platform for affiliate marketers.

Working as an affiliate marketer with Amazon, you have a wide range of tools you can use like Product Links, Banner, even you can share it on your Facebook or Twitter.

You can make a great commission of 0.3% to 12%. Basically, it is depending on the product which is bought. You can have commission rates by category here.

They also offer advertising fees in the form of special offers as described in the “Special Offers and Promotions”.

You can sign up for Amazon affiliate here

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