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Eliminating Cancer During the Early Stages

Eliminating Cancer During the Early Stages

Eliminating cancer during the early stages
Eliminating cancer during the early stages

There are various types of diseases that human beings contract at some point of time in their lives. But cancer is considered to be more potent and different. It can be present within the body for a long time and only detected at a much later stage, thereby making it much tough to contain its spread and derive proper treatment. Although medical science has advanced tremendously in recent years, no exact causes have been found for this disease as of yet, there are definitely present several risk factors. Hence, it is termed to be among the most deadly of all diseases. It can be termed to be a disease group, where abnormal cell growth can be noticed which is not required by the body. The best cancer doctors in Hyderabad make use of the latest state of the art equipment to locate, understand the extent and provide accurate treatment.

Diagnostic tests

Some common diagnostic tests conducted are as follows:

  • Ultrasound: It is used for identifying tumours present in the body, something not detected with the x-ray. This procedure is completed very quickly and special preparation is not required. the created images are termed as sonograms. The waves bounce from the tissues and organs to create echoes. Exceptional pictures are generated by ultrasound of soft tissue diseases. This procedure is completed on an average by about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Imaging tests: Such tests avail images of interiors of the body and are conducted to identify the extent as well as to notice progress of the treatment. Different energy forms like sound waves, x-rays, radioactive particles, etc. get dispatched to the body. The changing energy patterns do make the image and used during the early stages as well as to screen tests. The images emerging from such tests are used for tracking changes caused during treatment course.
  • Endoscopy: This minimal invasive diagnostic test is conducted using an endoscope, which is a slender, thin instrument having hollow tubes which is inserted within the body to get a better view of the inside. There is attached a tiny video camera to its top through which images are sent to the computer screen live to be viewed by the conducting doctors. It is either placed in the urethra, anus or the mouth and to locate cancer in people not having any symptoms or to identify the early signs.
  • Mammography: This specific type is conducted for testing breast cancer among women. The produced imagery is called mammogram. Tumours not felt by hands get displayed in these images. The entire procedure takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and can be performed using 3D breast imaging or digital mammography.
  • Bone scan: This test is said to determine presence of cancer in bones or having spread to the different parts of the body. Through bone test, it becomes helpful to determine the progress of the treatment. the procedure requires using of radioactive substance in small amounts injected in vein region. The areas that absorb fewer tracers are found to be susceptible to the disease.

Different treatment options

  • Surgery: Operation is conducted to eliminate tumour and is considered to be the oldest and common treatment forms availed by cancer patients. It is also used to diagnose cancer, locate its area and extent of spread. It can be combined with or used along with other advanced techniques like radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Debulking is performed, if the whole tumour is not removable, as it might cause further damage.
  • Chemotherapy: Drugs are taken to kill cancer cells and to stop affected cells from developing further and become new cells. With the cells being destroyed very fast, the risk of damaging close-by normal cells is there. Chemotherapy is provided for some specific time period and in cycles, usually for about six months or one year. the different ways by which it is conducted are oral, topical, injected or intravenous.
  • Radiation therapy: High energy x-rays do help to destroy cancer cells. This form of treatment does help to slow down cancer cell growth and destroy them, but without harm close-by healthy tissues. The two ways to provide this treatment are internal radiation therapy and external beam radiation.

Consulting the best cancer doctors in Hyderabad can help the patient to get the best possible treatment for cancer.



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