It is often said,

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”

And how many of us just want ourselves to be cramped in that never-ending group of people who always have an opinion to give, but that opinion is vague as it is not supported by any evidence.  Ancient times are a testimony to the fact that words said without the help of data hold no value. So here comes the very big usage of data.

Technically, we define data as raw material. And of course we know we can’t use raw materials directly to make finished goods, right? We need to ‘process’ these raw materials so that they can be efficiently turned into finished products. So how about processing this ‘data’ into ‘information’?

Now, this is the bane of our life! Turning this data into information is too mundane a task for us. But why should we worry? We have an array of companies which could paddle our canoe through hot waters and rescue us safely to the seashore. These companies are called as ‘Big Data Analytics Companies’. Want to know what more these companies can do? Stay tuned then!

Looking at those lumps of files in which data is packed to the brim, we think to ourselves, what a can of worms! I can totally relate! So people, here I introduce to you some of the most magnificent big data analytics companies for whom these lumps of files are just tidbits of information, which they can merrily examine. They’ll put their under-cover cops’ glasses on and discover the hidden patterns in the data and discover the tactics of relations being involved. Not only this, they will study the market trends, and what your customers want from you so that the organizations can make better decisions and get on a gravy train of success and profits!

So, not beating around the bush anymore, here I present to you some of the leading Big Data Analytics Companies!


So what do you exactly understand by ‘latent’? Yes, you are absolutely right! Latent means are hidden or concealed.  And this company, adhering completely to its name, has a multitude of ‘hidden’ strategies to conquer the business world. Situated in Chennai in India, this company can make anyone dumbstruck with its predictions on business trends and be strategizing market planning’s to optimize the business by an in-depth study of data. Seriously,

“Wonders will never cease when we have a latent view at such ease!”

Want to know more about this company? Then follow the trail!



Do I need to say anything more about this company? This company totally justifies its name.

“Torture the data, and it will confess to anything”

Does the mere thought of handling big data analytics products and services make you feel a bundle of nerves? Do you feel afraid of your own shadow when asked to make decisions based on these big data analytics’ issues? Then don’t worry! Here I introduce you to one of the leading big data analytics company ‘Absolut data’ for which these tasks are like a cake walk! Don’t believe me? Then check out their website which would knock your socks off!



With its brilliant strategies for predictive analysis and big data analysis, this company has its offices in Bengaluru and Trivandrum. This company is a home to brilliant brains locked inside sturdy bodies. Can’t stand the pace? Well then, let me tell you this company is a benevolent company which serves its customers right from the beginning of their big data analysis journey! Want to catch a better glimpse of this company? Then check out its website!


  1. Bridgei2i:

 Had a tiff with the big data? Well then, this company won’t let a little issue become an apple of discord. Owing to its name, it builds bridges between the clients and the big data analysis. It was founded in the year 2011. Oh now don’t let this thought become a bee’s bonnet, that this company is too new to handle our big old problems of big data. Remember, wisdom does not always accompany old age, sometimes the young saplings fight the bitter winds and teach a lesson to the old, gnarled tree trunks! Indeed, I don’t think I have to explain anymore. The name is enough! So if you are curious to know more about this prominent company then log into its website!



Who is the king of the jungle? Oh yes! It’s a lion. But then tigers are not far behind in this race. Same is with this company. With its diligent and indefatigable team of prominent researchers and analysts, this company stands at par and is one of the tough competitors in the world of big data analytics. Needless to say anything more about it, let’s quickly check out its website and be dumbstruck with its achievements!



Feeling like a cat on hot bricks? Need any advice regarding big data analysis? So here we have one of the world’s best blend of marketing and big data analytics company, which can act as major advocates whenever you seek help related to big data practising. Have any queries? Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them and see how they resolve your queries!


  1. Mu Sigma

Any idea about what surrounds the vicious cycle of big data analysis? Any guesses? Yes, you are right! It’s Mu Sigma! A potential leader of big data analysis, this company is by far one of the best companies which can take decisions at one fell swoop.  What more? Well, this company is an inseparable part of the forth-coming big data analytics ecosystem! Curious to extract more information about this company? Then check this link out!



Wouldn’t managing our data become a walk in the park if we could develop strategies that could result in efficient storage of data, followed by easy management and retrieval? Sounds like a nine day wonder, right? Well then, god has been benevolent enough to grant you this wish. Yes, it’s no more a figment of your imagination. Sigmoid Analytics has developed sought out ways which you can use to store your data at ease, perform manipulations and then quickly store it back. How wonderful, isn’t it? So if you wish to know more about these strategies, then check their website.


  1. GERMIN8:

With the endeavour to cater to the needs of companies and clients who find it difficult to take decisions based on big data analysis, this company was founded in 2007. They take up any of your problems related to big data analysis, get down to brass tacks and find a solution to it very quickly and efficiently. Well if you want your solutions at the drop of a hat, then log on to their website!



This company is basking in the glory of success with its flagship product called ‘Maya’ which is a big data-based product and an all-time solution to your big data problems. With its location in the sprawling neighbourhood of Chennai, this company believes in actions, rather than words. So get a glimpse of its actions on its website!


So, people, these were just a few companies involved in big data analysis, which are already basking in the glory of success and act as a helping hand for people who want to try their hand at big data. There are many more out there! Just to end with, let me tell you that,

“Data will talk to you, only if you are willing to listen to it”